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Vast Opportunities In Health Care and Medical Devices in Japan

Prioritize Japan 

Now is time to put Japan at the top of your business development Japan. 

​Japan is among the top three markets for medical devices and healthcare technology. With a stable growing market, transparent approval process, and one of the world's best medical systems make Japan a critical market for your business. 

Universal Insurance coverage, a well-developed regulatory system, including the PMDA, and MHLW, transparent approvals process, world leading corporate and academic partners, and sophisticated consumers make Japan an ideal market for your technologies and products.  

Scale ups and well-established companies will find ample opportunities in Japan for distribution, OEM agreements, research collaborations, clinical trials, and commercialization. 

You need the right MAH, or DMAH, Notified Bodies, Legal and Regulatory experts, and Marketing savvy to make it in Japan. Parkdale Group works for you to make it all happen. 


The Japanese market should be a priority for any medical device or healthcare technology company and your first stop in Asia. 

Canadian, US, and European companies who need more information should contact us in English at or call 81-80-1450-8480

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The Japanese Medical, Healthcare, and Personal Healthcare market is the second largest in the world, and opportunities for overseas companies to enter continue to expand. Canadian, US, and European companies should be focussing on Japan as a top priority market. Japan is a wealthy country with extremely demanding users and sophisticated consumers. Even in the highly regulated medical device arena, approvals in Japan are among the fastest in the world, and reimbursement regimes are predictable and transparent. 


Success in the Japanese Market is based on sustained trust and ongoing contact and communication with the right people in the right organizations. The right "Know How" and "Know Who" make success more straight forward and sustainable. 

Parkdale Group is a market entry implementation and management organization based in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is one of the key centres of innovation in Japan. Our location gives us an edge: putting us close to the high tech, academic, and manufacturing centres of Western Japan, while enjoying easy access to Tokyo and the whole country.  We bring together a unique group of the most experienced and successful business people to help you develop your business and organization in Japan. We have first-hand experience and expertise in technology importation, medical device approvals, sales channel development, business operations, sales, and marketing. 

No two companies' needs are the same. We adjust our offerings to fit your specific needs on a retained basis. 

Our work for you could include: 

  • Market Authorization Holder--MAH--Search and Vetting

  • Distribution Research and  Matching

  • Business Consulting

  • Key Opinion Leader--KOL--Search and Matching

  • Event Planning and Participation

  • Regulatory Process and Certification Consulting

  • Corporate Formation and Operation

  • Project Management

  • Representation

Our Team:

A group of highly skilled professionals from the Business, Healthcare, Technology, Academic, Legal and Government domains.

We bring the knowledge and understanding you need to help discover opportunities and overcome challenges in Japan.


Our Management:

Founder and CEO, Philip O’Neill has worked with hundreds of executives from the world’s leading companies and he brings a deep curiosity, educational and experience to help you understand the opportunities and challenges that your business faces. 


Career Highlights: 

Former President and Vice President and Governor of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan--CCCJ

Former Director, McGill MBA Japan Program, Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University.

Founder of O'Neill Warner Co., Ltd. with a dozen years of successful business in Japan. 


Philip O’Neill, Education:

Master of Business Administration, MBA, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Bachelor of Education, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Bachelor of Arts, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 



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